Listed below for your comparison is a list of  “Collective Terms” as defined by AAFCO. In order to help you understand your label ingredients we recommend the following:

  1. Have your current feed label in hand.
  2. Begin to read your label and search for the “Collective Term” Example: processed grain by-product = collective term. Look at the list of ingredients under that term – there you will find the possibility of ingredients in your feed that is listed under that collective term.
  3. Hulls defined – hulls are the casing that protect the heart and/or meat of the grain. Example: Soybean hull – take the soybean out of the shell it is encased in, separating the soybean and the casing. The casing is listed as “soybean hull” in the ingredient list. The “non-nutritional” item is in the ingredient.
  4. Wheat middings – are the by-product of Wheat.  Wheat middlings are fine particles of the wheat kernel obtained during the milling process. If wheat middlings are fed to horses, they must be mixed with a bulky feed.
  5. Molasses - Molasses is a popular component of mixed concentrate rations. It is a by-product of the sugar refining industry. Horses like the flavor. It is a cheap source of energy, and it reduces dust in the feed. Generally molasses should not exceed 10 to 12 percent of ration. Five percent is the most common amount added to a ration. Excessive amounts of molasses make the feed sticky and difficult to handle and can cause the feed to turn rancid.

Collective Terms listed on ingredient labels – When you see the collective term anything under this listing can be in the feed.

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