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Why Gooseberry?

We have created an All Natural Product line to enhance the health of your canine or equine.

Our goal was to create a product line that our clients/customers can use without the worry of over-supplementation.

Our products give the highest amount of nutritional value in smaller amounts. This will not only save our customers money, it will enhance the health of your pet. So you can feel good and understand what you are feeding your animals

We use combinations of pro-biotics, digestive enzymes, seaweed, chelated minerals, clean pure cold pressed oils and only the finest grains. Our blends are currently patent pending

We are coming out with new products this year, so check back often. As always, we love to hear your testimonies and may even put your on our site! So keep in touch!

Why Choose Us

  • We are a family owned and operated business
  • We are conscious of the ever rising cost of animal care.
  • Over the past 10 years we have recognized the need to have a higher level of nutrition in animal products.
  • Our goal was to create a nutrient, power packed product line that will save you money by using less product that has richer nutrients...We did it!

What We Offer

Our product line was created to with the concept of using less and getting more. The entire product line when used in accordance with the directions will give the maximum level of nutrition without the worry of over-supplementation. There are only the freshest, all natural ingredients used in our entire product line.

We believe in providing the best product money can buy without the high price tag. The average horse owner spends about $30.00 per month per horse on our program and their horses absolutely love our products. So both the horse and the owner are happy using Gooseberry Natural Feed products.

Gooseberry Products


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Thank You For Visiting Us!

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.  If you have any questions, please contact us or give us a call at 443-789-8733.  We appreciate your business!

God bless your health, Deb

We are not treating, prescribing or diagnosing or a substitute for veterinarian medicine.