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"Hi Dr. Deb!

The horses at REC Farm have been on the Gooseberry Specialty Blend for one year now and we have seen amazing results. This year at the 2010 Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL our horses thrived and maintained healthy weights, coats, and fitness levels while showing seven out of the twelve rigorous weeks of the circuit. Each horse that competed was always in top ribbons of their respective divisions and was champion or reserve for at least two of the weeks competed.

Recently, we also had a four year old dutch warmblood prospect that came to us sight unseen from Europe about two months ago. Upon arrival, we noticed he was underweight, feet and coat in poor condition, and infested with ringworm. Not knowing what his previous feed program was we immediately put him on the same Gooseberry program as the rest of our horses. The difference after only one month was significant. His weight, coat, hooves, and fitness are all improved and he is now ringworm free. Today the horse is thriving in full training program and will be ready to show soon."

Bryan Imperial
Manager & Trainer, REC Farm

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