1. Aspired grain fractions
2. Brewers dried grains
3. Buckwheat middlings
4. Condensed distillers solubles
5. Condensed fermented corn extractives with germ meal bran
6. Corn bran
7. Corn flour
8. Corn germ meal (wet and dry milled)
9. Corn gluten feed
10. Corn gluten meal
11. Corn grits
12. (Kind of grain) distillers dried grains
13. (Kind of grain) distillers dried grains with solubles
14. (Kind of grain) distillers dried solubles
15. (Kind of grain) flour
16. Grain sorghum germ cake
17. Grain sorghum germ meal
18. Grain sorghum grits
19. Grain sorghum mill feed
20. Hominy feed
21. Malt cleanings
22. Malt sprouts
23. Oat groats
24. Oat meal, feeding
25. Peanut skins
26. Pearl barley by-product
27. Rice bran
28. Rice polishings
29. Rye middlings
30. Sorghum grain flour, gelatinized
31. Sorghum flour, partially aspirated, gelatinized
32. Wheat bran
33. Wheat feed flour
34. Wheat germ meal
35. Wheat germ meal, defatted
36. Wheat mill run
37. Wheat middlings
38. Wheat red dog
39. Wheat shorts

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