1. Almond hulls, ground
2. Apple pectin pulp, dried
3. Apple pomace, dried
4. Bagasse
5. Barley hulls
6. Barley mill by-product
7. Beet pulp, dried
8. Buckwheat hulls
9. Citrus meal, dried
10. Citrus pulp, dried
11. Citrus seed meal
12. Corn cob fractions
13. Cottonseed hulls
14. Flax straw by-product
15. Husks
16. Malt hulls
17. Oat hulls
18. Oat mill by-products
19. Oat mill by-products, clipped
20. Peanut hulls
21. Rice hulls
22. Rice mill by-product
23. Rice mill run
24. Soybean hulls
25. Soybean mill feed
26. Soybean mill run
27. Sunflower hulls
28. Straw, ground
29. Tomato pomace, dried

* Use of ingredients identified with an asterisk (*) is restricted to nonruminants unless this ingredient source is pure porcine or equine material.  Feeds containing these ingredients must bear the following label statement: "Do not feed to cattle or other ruminants."

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