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My 4 year old Gypsy Vanner, Lake Ridge Fairytail Rapunzel aka "Zara", has been on Gooseberry since December 2009. We are thrilled with the results we see!  Zara has an amazing coat and more mane and tail than the average Gypsy that's for sure! We recently attended Equine Affaire in OH and other Gypsy owners were convinced that she must have extensions in her hair. Nope! Its all real!  They said "No 4 year old, could have that much hair". BUT she does!

Zara gets 3/4lb of feed daily along with the flax/soy oil and the results are amazing. We do not ever have a problem with her black fading in the summer its always jet black! I have to trim at least 4 inches off of her tail every month in order to keep her from stepping on it!

Keep up the great work Dr. Deb! we love this product!

 -Jeanette Genthner


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