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This case was a 19 year old Irish draught horse. When he was transferred to his new owner Gail, his case history was as follows: Taxi had a career as a hunter jumper and was on several medications and as a last resort to a hock injury the previous owners had his hocks injected and there was not any improvement.

He had an extensive medical history and was severely injured enough the previous owners we going to put him down. The barn manager suggested this horse go for a trial visit at the current owners barn. Upon visiting this horse and watching him in the field. He could barely walk and wanted to run with the other horses that were playing. He had a desire to live. We began changing his nutrition and some time off without medication to see how he would turn out. We agreed to give him 2 months

After two months on our feed he is back into a full workload; cantering, walking, hacking out along with jumping. His body is supple, bending well to the left and the right. He is running with the herd, especially galloping when the hunt comes through the valley. After his veterinarian checkup he has passed with flying colors.

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