Our Product Line

Gooseberry Natural Feed product line has been formulated by Naturopathic and Homeopathic Doctor, Debra Baginski, to re-establish focus on Grade A organic nutrition at a reasonable price.

Our special formulation is a key factor in your horse’s success toward a balanced mind, body, and health. Using our formulation your horse will benefit from pure organic ingredients. Naturally our nutrition will have denser "meat" from the heart of the grain, which includes a greater starch value, however, we have taken this into consideration and built a formula that readily allows the horses natural digestion to breakdown the nutrition quicker allowing for a much faster absorption. This takes away any negative value that starches would normally have. Yes! It is true, starch is a valuable nutrient. We believe in balancing your horse from the inside out!

Teaching horse owners to become proactive in their horses nutrition is important to us. Using pure organic ingredients is just the beginning. Each product developed by Dr. Baginski is formulated to compliment the other in the line. In simpler terms, following the manufacturer’s directions the possibility of toxic levels of supplementation will not occur.

Each horse is unique in the way that they metabolize their nutrition. With our patent pending formula, Gooseberry Specialty Horse Blend, most horses reach their maximum nutritional needs around 1 pound of feed per day. This means one 40lb bag of Gooseberry will last at least 40 days!

We have three blends of feed: Gooseberry Specialty Blend Regular, Plus and Rice bran pellets. With our smaller portions, deep levels of nutrition working with every part of your horses digestion, you will see positive changes in your horse. Sometimes within 3 weeks.

Gooseberry Specialty Blend Regular is used for most horses do not require large portions of fat in their nutritional program. If more fat is required, we recommend using Gooseberry Specialty Blend Plus (11% fat) or adding Gooseberry Soy/Flax Oil and/or Gooseberry Rice Bran Pellets to our Regular Blend will assist in balancing their fat percentage.

Have you checked your feed tag lately? Are your feeding per label requirements? Visit our Food Safety and compare your label ingredients.

Many times, commercial feeds will require larger portions of by-product based feeds to be fed in order to meet the recommended daily vitamin requirements. Some horse owners feed large portions of organic grains without realizing the starch value is extremely high. When your horse is using Gooseberry Natural Feed,LLC products you will see the evidence of proper formulation and valuable nutrition working with your horse.

Want to begin your journey with Gooseberry products? Click on our store link. We have arranged a get started program for you and your horse by breed. Look on the left side of the page for Feed your Breed, simply choose your breed and begin. On our home page you will see a download section, we have provided a Gooseberry Transition Calendar for you to download. This is a very helpful tool for you or your barn manager to make sure your program is easy to follow. Make sure you put your horses name on your Calendar and get started!

"When we ask our horse to give us their best performance, we are responsible for providing them with the nutritional foundation that gets them there! Gooseberry Natural Feed nutrition will do that."

Dr. Deb