1) What product(s) do you recommend for horses that "get fat on air"? We recommend Gooseberry CinnaBalance. Most of the time horses are not digesting sugars properly and can be retaining fluid. Gooseberry Cinnabalance will help to the digestion and assimilation and watch the bloating begin to disappear.

2) What is the average amount used with your Specialty Body Flex? Most customers use 1/4 scoop per day for their horse.

3) How long will it take for me to see changes in my horse after using your products? Sometimes as early as 3 weeks, other horses have taken up to 1 month.

4) My horse is prone to laminitis and founder. Will my horse be able to eat Gooseberry feed and stay healthy? Yes, our formula is designed to work with your horse digestion. We have many clients who use our blend and have seen marked improvement in their horses health. Our clients use Gooseberry Regular and Gooseberry CinnaBalance, Gooseberry Soy/Flax Oil. Check our Al's story and read about his journey to great health.

5) My horse seems to be losing weight and he/she was a hard keeper to begin with. What do you recommend?

a) Horses with this problem do very well using Gooseberry Stomach Therapy diluted 4oz per day, especially if there has been inoculations, pasture change, heavier training schedule, and during transition.

b) We do not recommend adding more grain. We recommend balancing with more fat. up to 2lbs of Gooseberry Steamed Rice Bran Pellets and Gooseberry Rice Bran or Rice +Flax oil.

c) Make sure your horse has been by your Veterinarian for any medical condition, or possible parasite problem. Plenty of forage and fresh water is very important.

d) Some horse owners have also used a homeopathic remedy of Nux Vomica 30c for 21 days combined with Gooseberry products. This seems to have helped as well. (remember we are not diagnosing, treating or prescribing)

e) Some horses have Calcium/Phosphorus imbalances. Many times with horses who are considered a "Hard Keeper" we recommend giving them free choice Gooseberry Mineral Balance. This helps to lower the Phosphorus and rebalance their Calcium. Sometimes horses who have been on by-product feeds have this problem and they may have always lost weight when the Fall or Winter season begins. With Gooseberry products you are getting a true picture of your horses nutrition fitness. Many by-product feeds will create the appearance of weight gain. As one customer stated "By-product feed is like eating donuts, you get full, gain weight but what a wreck on the inside. Eventually it shows up in poor health." Horses that have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, Ulcers or are coming off of high pound weights of feed would do very well with Gooseberry Mineral Balance.

6) I feed my horse Rye grass for pasture, he/she seems to gain weight in the morning and then lose it in the evening could this be your feed?  Rye grass alone without any additional sugars or protein can cause your horse to appear like it is gaining and losing weight. We recommend mixing a good timothy and or orchard grass mix to stabilize hind gut fermentation and nutrition balance. In this case would also recommend the Gooseberry Stomach Therapy as well.

7) How digestible are the starches in your feed?  Within the first 3 hours of feeding Gooseberry Nutrition the starches are 75% digested, by 6 hours they are 90-99% digested. The later hours are the resistant starch acting as a fiber in the hindgut. Gooseberry feed has both an excellent combination of normal starch and resistant starch. Because of the purity of our ingredients our ratios will rate higher, keep in mind the rate of digestion of those starches is incredibly high. Remember low starch feeds have a slower rate of digestion of starches, even though the starch content may be low in the feed, the digestion rate is extremely slow causing a rise in blood sugars for up to 7 hours after eating the low starch feed. This is why many people have trouble understanding why their horse may be experiencing the same problems even though the are trying to do the correct thing. Many horse owners have chosen Gooseberry feed and have had their horses glucose tested some within 48 hours some within a month of using our products. Veterinarians recommend our products because they love to see the improved blood work results.

8) How can you say feeding a horse 1lb day is enough nutrition?  Our formulation is designed to maximize the digestion of nutrients. Each horse, whether they are "easy keeper, hard keeper, etc" has a unique way they digest their food. Our formula is designed to address all those issues so that the horse benefits from smaller portions while eating more forage.

9) Are your grains organic? Yes.

10) Gooseberry Feed seems is expensive, how is it not?  Remember the portion size is important. Most horses will require about 3/4lb per day. This means that a 40lb bag of horse feed will last you at least 50 days. The by-product commercial brands of feed require higher volumes of intake in order to meet dietary vitamin recommendations. Our formulation allows for smaller portions, saving money and providing excellent nutrition.

11) What worms and what stages this wormer is effective?  Gooseberry Natural wormer is made with homeopathic remedies and covers all types of worms during their life cycle (with the exception of the egg cycle). Homeopathic remedies create an environment that helps the immune system unlike chemicals that create an additional stress forcing organs to work harder to breakdown the chemicals and fecal residue from dying worms.

12) My horse has terrible skin conditions. Will your products help?  Many customers have seen skin problems improve and sometimes completely clear up after using Gooseberry Natural Feed products. We have many testimonials that demonstrate improved skin conditions.

13) How quickly can Rice Bran be added/ Increased, does it need to be added as slowly as Gooseberry feed?  Yes, you need to always make feed transitions slowly. Check the feed transition calendar to see how you need to transition your horse onto any Gooseberry product.

14) Are all products available for shipping? Yes

15) Do all commercial grains contain by-products?  Unfortunately most do, check the label and click HERE to view some of the common by-products. 



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