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Gooesberry CinnaBalance

This product is made with certified organic ingredients. This product can be added to Gooseberry PrePack Kits.
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Gooseberry Body Flex

Our customers love Gooseberry Body Flex because it does what it says; Helps your horse become more flexible through their whole body! Added benefits are the versatility of this product, use a maintenance dose or more when necessary. 1lb or 4lb size availa
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Gooseberry Horse Blend Plus

This fantastic blend has a higher fat ratio and you can feed up to 3lbs per day. 40lb Bag. Make sure you check our Feed your Breed section to get started. Also available in Gooseberry Go Kits
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Gooseberry Horse Blend Regular

This blend has a lower fat ratio and is very versatile.. Make sure you check our Feed your Breed section to get started. Depending on usage this bag can last 20 to 40 or even as high as 80 days.
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Gooseberry Natural Wormer

Made with homeopathic remedies this natural wormer can be used for horses, dog, cats.
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Gooseberry Oil Pump

This pump fits our 1 gallon Gooseberry Soy/Flax Oil container. Each pump is pre-measured to dispense by the ounce.
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Gooseberry Rice Bran Oil

All Natural Rice Bran Oil is the only ingredient you will find in our product!
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Gooseberry Rice Flax Oil

Fabulous combination to help with weight gain and has anti-inflammatory properties!
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Gooseberry Soy + Flax Oil

Pure cold pressed Certified Organic soy and Certified Organic flax oil are the only ingredients in this product.
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Gooseberry Stomach Balance

Gooseberry Stomach Therapy is made with all organic ingredients. Helps to balance Ph for acidic stomach, reduce inflammation and discomfort. Gentle enough for everyday use.
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Gooseberry Vitamax

Powerful vitamins mainly used in mashes with older horses or if you feel your horse needs a little extra.
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Natural Salts

Leave the salt blocks for cattle and their rough tongues. If you see bite marks in your salt block maybe your horse try our ground salts.
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